Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Renovation Contractor

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If you’re getting ready to start an extensive remodeling project, it’s important to find a reliable and competent contractor to do so. A home renovation is a stressful and expensive undertaking, but when you choose the right contractor, it can make the difference between a successful renovation project and a complete disaster. However, finding the ideal contractor who will be a perfect fit for your project can feel challenging. Moreover, you’ll find several experts out there who can deliver a similar service as expected. Therefore, to ensure that the right specialists handle your next renovation project, here’s a list of the top five things to look for when hiring a renovation contractor.

1. Review
Online and word-of-mouth reviews speak volumes on what to expect from your prospective contractor! Seeking feedback from past client’s experiences is a great place to start in your efforts to hire the best contractor to suit your needs.

2. Online presence
Does your prospective contractor have an online presence? Websites and social media sites do provide much-needed information on your potential contractor, including everything from company overview to examples of past work and contact information.

3. Appropriate licenses and insurance
It is very important to ensure that a contractor carries appropriate licenses such as worker compensation coverage, commercial liability insurance, and business licenses. Contractors who hold the appropriate licenses and insurances are more likely to be legitimate companies that follow proper business protocol and will have safeguards in place to ensure you as a client are protected.

4. Personal connection
Does the impression you get from your potential contractor inspire confidence in their ability? It is important to meet with your potential contractor to get a feel for them. First impressions do mean a lot. Your contractor’s behavior and demeanor in these early interactions can provide a prelude to what can be expected once the job has commenced. If you get a good feeling from the contractor that they are trustworthy and attentive to your needs, that is a very good sign.

5. Excellent communicator
Communication is key! Does your prospective contractor listen to your needs and propose solutions that match those needs? If your contractor provides clear and consistent communications in the early stages of your meetings, whether that be through email, text, social media, or verbal, you have an excellent likelihood that the job will progress to your satisfaction.

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