Five Renovation Trends To Look Forward To In The Coming Year

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COVID-19 has shaken up every industry, including home renovations. In the last twelve months, we’ve seen a spike in all raw material prices for construction. This has led to an increase in the cost of renovations and construction services. We suspect that the price increase may have arisen due to the economic slump created by the lockdowns. While many may see this as a challenge for business, it wasn’t the case for us.

Despite the hike in material costs, many clients were still interested in renovating their houses last year. As the pandemic led to many people working out of their residence, they were able to spend more time in their homes. Spending the majority of their time indoors has led to an increasing desire to transform their old spaces to newly renovated ones that match their present needs for comfort. For some, working from home also offered more liberties to begin their long-overdue renovations.

While business was booming in 2020, all was not a cakewalk. Due to the higher raw material costs and the surge in demand for renovations, we had to figure out how to balance the two, so we could grow. Though it was a struggle initially, given how busy we were, we managed to pull through. The past twelve months have made us very happy as we were able to help several people find enjoyment in their own properties despite the challenges caused by the pandemic.

We are expecting another busy year providing clients top-quality renovations with middle-of-the-road pricing while maintaining unmatched communication from the first estimate to the final invoice. In addition to this, we expect to see the following changes in 2021:

1. New products
As technology evolves every year, we hope to see our suppliers produce modern and environmentally friendly products manufactured locally in Canada. Giving our customers new products to choose from ensures they can set their houses apart from others with unique designs and updated energy-efficient products saving money on utility bills.

2. Higher material costs
Raw material pricing has been on the rise for the past year, and we expect that trend to continue until the economy stabilizes. That said, with newer options coming into the market, the cost of materials will naturally increase. This means there is no time like the present for clients to have their renovations completed.

3. 3D renovations
As leading renovators, we are continually working on adding to our services for a better customer experience. We now offer 3D modelling services for residential exterior projects. This technology allows our customers to truly visualize what different styles, designs and colours will look like on their homes. With the 3D technology, our customers no longer have to look at a small colour swatch and wonder what that finished product will turn out.

4. Better home insulation
We are always searching for new and improved insulation to install in our clients’ homes, and we expect new technology to come in the next twelve months. Edmonton is on the North Saskatchewan River, at an elevation of 671m. It is North America’s northernmost city with a metropolitan population of over one million. Given our location, we have an extremely cold winter. Traditional framing leaves little R-value (insulation) in every stud location. With rigid exterior insulation, the entire envelope of the building receives between five to ten R-value, greatly reducing the thermal bridging from the studs resulting in up to 40% energy savings on heating and cooling.

5. Continued growth
We intend to continue growing as a company with the increased demand for renovations. Having our team grow means we will be able to satisfy all the requests we receive even with the increasing number of projects coming our way.

If you too would like to get your home renovated this year, reach out to us at Fort Sask Reno Inc. We specialize in interior and exterior renovation services in Fort Saskatchewan, AB. We’ve been in business since 2007 and have renovated hundreds of homes to enhance their beauty and comfort. We have all the latest equipment and well-trained professionals to carry out your renovation needs as per your unique specifications. Our professionals are also sufficiently insured, so you are protected in the event of accidents during the renovation.

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